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Epoch Era

Epoch Era


This client tasked us to create an entertainment website for their band. They wanted their fans to be able to feel a connection to the band in every aspect of the website. We achieved this by including a custom mailing list to their fanclub, creating custom social media feeds, and involving their artwork in every aspect of the site. Users can also purchase merchandise on their shop and stay up to date with their tour dates.


Cataloging the bands entire music collection while being able to access it from multiple parts of the site was a challenge. In response, we wrote custom WordPress plugins to store their releases as well their corresponding information (lyrics, artwork, release notes, etc). By creating this custom plugin we were able to manipulate the data any way we would like to.

Notable Features

A unique addition added to their website is the interactive music player. Visitors can listen to their entire music catalog while viewing the lyrics. Call to actions are included to share the song or purchase it from different vendors. You can experience the music player here: