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ITG Cloud

ITG Cloud


ITG is a leading group in the world of Information Technology. Their goal was to create a unique website experience while explaining the benefits of their popular cloud based system. The main components of the website are built using Three.js, a cross-browser Javascript library and application programming interface.


Three.js is a new and emerging library which offers an array of unique programming opportunities. Consequently, there is not as much documentation or support due to its age and open-source distribution. Troubleshooting issues was a challenge, but it provided new learning experiences. Optimization was also a concern due to each browser/device having separate limitations on Three.js’s new library. After constant refactoring we were pleased with the end result.

Notable Features

The entire front page of ITG Cloud’s website shows off a detailed and dynamic experience. As the user scrolls elements are constantly being redrawn and manipulated, all while the user is whizzing by an array of clouds in the dark sky.