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Black Leaf Designs is a digital media agency specializing in designing, maintaining and hosting websites.
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Worry Free Hosting

Our hosting allows you to do what you do best, run your business. There’s no need to worry about server maintenance, module upgrades, or unwanted spam. Your businesses website will run reliability without you ever having to worry.

Upgrades & Maintenance

Keeping your website up to date keeps it secure. We patch security vulnerabilities and keep all of your site modules up to date.


Are you a robot? We'll keep all of the unwanted spam away from your website.

Brute Force Protection

With increased security measures, threats will be mitigated or avoided.

Fast Load Times

By pairing your website with the best hosting configuration and advanced caching, visitors will be served your website faster.

Easy Emails


Easily resize your server to accommodate your growing website.


Your website data is backed up and safety stored on multiple cloud servers. Restoring your website due to any failure is lightning fast.

Phone Support

A phone hotline will be given to you in addition to email support.

Free SSL Certificate

Your data privacy is important, that’s why we offer unlimited free SSL certificates for each domain. Heads up: starting in 2018 any website without an SSL certificate that requires login credentials will be blocked from all major web browsers. Stay ahead of the curve.

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