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Black Leaf Designs is a digital media agency specializing in designing, maintaining and hosting websites.
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Analytics & PPC

Know Your Customer

Analytics Finds Your Customers Behavior

Implementing analytics will give your business a clear view on your customers behavior. With this information we can secure leads faster, reduce customer drop-off rates, and adjust your website for a better experience.

Understand Your Users

Know your target demographic with detailed reports spanning from location to age range. Never before have you been able to truly know your customer.

Verify Your Efforts

Find out what brings your customers to your website. You’ll learn what website your user came from before visiting your site.

Detailed Reports

Run detailed and specific reports to learn about the data that means most to you.


Pricing is based off of volume of data and which goals you would like to achieve. Contact us for more information.

Adwords Finds You New Customers

Using Google Adwords and their Expanded Partner Network, your business can be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer.

Call or Click

Target specific goals, such as visitors calling your business or visiting your website.

Right People, Right Time

Target your ideal customer using specific metrics such as age and location. We’ll set up a series of unique campaigns to run only on when users search for specific keywords. These campaigns can be set to run only during certain times of the day to target your ideal customer.

Only Pay For Results

You only have to pay when a visitor clicks on the ad to your website. Only pay for what works!


Pricing is based off of a flat fee to start your campaign and a percent of your ad budget. Contact us for more information.

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