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JW Sweet Treats

JW Sweet Treats


This client tasked us with creating a site to show off their latest baked creations. They wanted users to be able to view their entire catalog as well as order special items directly through the site. JW Sweet Treats had also partnered up with local colleges and requested a subsidiary website. On this website students and their parents can order sweets directly online to be shipped right to their dorms.


There was a challenge to create a second site strictly for college students while still staying true to the JW Sweet Treats branding. The client requested for all orders and billing details to be separate from their main website. A secondary site was created behind the scenes, while college students were directed to a sub-domain of the website with their college’s name (as seen on their Quinnipiac College storeĀ here).

Notable Features

JW Sweet Treats wanted their customers to be able to customize their cake themselves during the ordering process. Users are able to customize features on their cakes such as: frosting color, cake size, fondant color, and custom writing. You can view the customization optionsĀ here.